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Massage and Its Effects In Humans The quote “you cannot serve two masters at the same time” is quite true in any walks of life, there are some things that you need to do first prior to the next one. At some point in your life, did you even choose to give yourself a break from all difficult work that you do in your office or in your working career? Probably, you have already experience a lot of vacations and other forms of relaxation but believe it or not the best way to relieve all the tension your body is to have a massage from an expert therapist. You might think that massage is just a waste of money but the truth is it is an integral part of striking a balance between career and family from rest and having a quality time for yourself. It is more helpful in your part if you are able to plan a specific time for your massage, you can probably have it on a monthly or weekly basis, it all depends on your vacant time and allotted money.
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The following sections will give you the advantages of having a massage.
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1. It will lessen any pain you are feeling on your back. 2. Any tension from your muscles will be loosen up. 3. Pain in muscles and joints are lessen 4. Aside from relieving pains, it also fasten blood clot. 5. It can also reduce pain in the head 6. It will also decrease your anxiety level 7. It can also decrease the blood pressure 8. This will also decrease the rate of your heartbeat 9. If you have a hard time sleeping then you should have a massage 10. If you are burden with problems and heartaches then you can alleviate what you are feeling through a massage 11. It will also help you increase your defense against any pathogens or viral infections. 12. Last but definitely not the least, it will help you feel good, happy and lessen all the pain you are experiencing, it may physical or emotional. Massage also fight the consequence of touch deprivations. There are some research conducted about the biological or psychological effects that is expected to some babies left in the orphanages and infirmaries which is a product of touch deprivation, there are even times that it is deadly or lethal. When it comes to the result of malnutrition and touch deprivation, there are some points that are alike between the two. Since the skin is largest organ found in the body it is imperative on your part that you put ample care to it by having a regular massage to avoid any illness mentioned earlier.