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A Quick Anxiety Cure Every sensible human being is constantly faced with worries in life. But is you are constantly worried, you can experience stress and anxiety in unhealthy levels. It can be paralyzing if you are often in a state of stress and anxiety and the thing for you to do and to stop, relax, and go easy on yourself. This type of anxiety is sometimes not noticed by others because one can have stress and anxiety and still go about normally with their daily routine. However, the stress and anxiety is continuously unsettling the heart. Anxiety could be generalized or specific. But, anxiety is different from fear. When there is a perceived threat, the cognitive and emotional response of a person is fear, but anxiety is different in that it is related to a specific behavior, a response to either fight or flee. In other words, when you are alone and you go through a dark alley, you get all sorts of feat that are unsettling, but your uncontrollable or unavoidable behavior in response to a squeak in one corner is your instinctive behavior. When you are totally unprepared to cope with an upcoming event, then you become anxious. A highly effective method for alleviating anxiety is engaging in what is being called heart’s intelligence. Heart coherence or heartbeat consistency is what this method seeks to increase. What you want to achieve is a smooth and balanced heart-rhythm pattern. Taking a deep breath can help you to naturally create a smooth pattern. That is why if you have muscle tension, increased heart rate and shortness of breath, we find ourselves taking a deep breath.
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Anxiety works this way: let’s suppose that at the start of the day you were not able to go out on time and you know that you are going to be late for that important appointment. While driving you see heavy traffic ahead and the thought of being late for that appointment flashes back again and adding to the frustration, fear, or anxiety over the traffic. When you saw the traffic your anxiety grew but the anxiety started right when you when out of your home and realized what time it was.
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What you may not realize is that it is often the small daily stresses that impact you the most. And they keep adding up until the cumulative effect begins to take its toll on your body, your mind, and your spirit. Hence, even if you have a regular meditation practice, you exercise regularly, or you do yoga, they only keep your heart healthy but life still keeps moving and stress mounts from all unavoidable directions that come your way. The thing is, what if you could nip your emotional response to these negative situations, in the bud? So, instead of being stressed up the whole time, you can reduce your stress and use your energy for a better and a more creative use.