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Situations When You Need an Emergency Dentist

Tooth pains can be very annoying and worrying and this is when an emergency dentist can play a very important role to rescue you in the situation. Let us give you some concerns that will lead you to calling an emergency dentist.

The most immediate concerns of people relating to their teeth that would make them call an emergency dentist are when the tooth is broken, or gets chipped, or falls out. After seeing a chipped tooth or broken tooth, the dentist will assess if the damage is due to medical problem or aesthetic situation. If the problem is on the aesthetic side, several options will be advised by the dentist, like veneers, crowns, or filling in the gap.

An extreme pain is one of the reasons why people would call for an emergency dentist. Pains caused by wisdom teeth or numb aches can usually be treated under normal appointments, but extreme pains caused by an abscess would require the attention of an emergency dentist. Emergency surgeries can be performed by emergency dentists round the clock if needed.

Be reminded that it is expensive to seek an emergency dentist, so it is advisable to get an appointment ahead of time so you won’t spend on too much money and will save you some rush time. This is why in order not to rush, you are recommended to see your dentist at least twice a year to make sure you have good dental hygiene and health, then you can book your appointment as normal.

Between an emergency dentist and a normal dentist, there are also some differences. An emergency dental surgery is designed to attend treatment to patients having more pressing problems unlike just a whitening procedure or a brace fitting. Be aware that appointments for general dentistry consultation will not be accepted by an emergency dentist after 11pm, therefore, orthodontic procedures will not be assessed in the evenings. In other words, only patients with great pains and need help immediately, are the only ones that emergency dentist will attend to.

A mild tooth ache should not alarm you enough to rush to an emergency dentist, rather a signal to get that appointment the soonest you can.

We can actually tell for ourselves if the situation we are in would need an immediate help or not. It is normal for some patients to be rushed to an emergency dentist even for just a broken tooth or a lost tooth due to a freak accident, but even if this does not really require to be done so, if the traumatic experience of the patient will be minimized, then you can be referred to within the 24 hours of suffering.