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An Introduction to Massage Therapy Activities undertaken by people everyday leave them with physical and mental fatigue. Involvement in sports and other jobs can lead to such effects. People have come up with many different activities that could arrest such fatigue. The most prominent of such interventions is body massage, a phenomenon that leads to relaxation of the body. Massage has been used for a very long time in the world though its use has witnessed an exponential growth in the modern days. So, what actually is massage and what does it entail? Massage is the rubbing of the body by applying considerable pressure on body tissues. This is done rhythmically and directly to the skin without any clothing coming between the massaging agent and the body. One should use measured pressure to achieve relaxation while avoiding pain. It is for this reason that massage is only done by massaging experts. For this to happen there are institutions that offer training on effective ways of doing massage. There are several tools of trade needed for a good massage. A massage table is one of such tools on which a client lies during the massage process. However, there are instances that one can still get a massage while in a sitting position depending on the type of massage to be administered. Secondly, special massage oils are used during massage. Such oils reduce friction between massaging hands and the body of the client hence reducing chances of pain. It is also good to note that massage is done privately hence the need of a private room away from prying eyes.
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Which groups of persons actually require massage? The most common consumers of massage services are arguably sports men and women. Muscular injuries are a common phenomenon associated with sports men and women and this explains why they are the biggest beneficiaries of massage therapy. Such injuries usually require massage as the best form of therapy since they do not involve damage to the skin. A good example of injuries associated to sports which can be handled using massage are hamstring injuries suffered by footballers. It is possible to treat postural misalignment using body massage. Postural misalignment mostly happens after a person is involved in road accidents.
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Massage has been proven through medical research to be a form of treatment of body tissues. This happens though the process of curing tissues using massage can be slow. In such instances, massage is done continuously for several days for the real effects to be seen. In recent times, some forms of massage have been done in water. This is the form of massage known as aqua massage done purely for relaxation. Massage can also be done to bring about sexual effects. This is why sexual massage exists and is primarily applied for sexual satisfaction.