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Get to Know More About Breast Cancer and the Possible Causes and Symptoms Breast cancer has been tailored as among the things that most women get to fact than men do and this has been among the great problems that people get to encounter. If you are to check where breast cancer starts, it basically is found to start in the milk duct and the lobules, typically speaking, where the milk is supplied to. So bottom line is that this will start where the milk is sent to, or in medical terms, breast cancer will start in the lobules and when this occurs, it will then be called lobular carcinoma, and ductal carcinoma if this develops from the ducts. Generally speaking, breast cancer is only felt by the patient and this usually is regarded as a pain after being described to the doctor. Usually, there should be swelling and physical lumps that people will see alongside the pain as well. One of the first symptoms of breast cancer can be traced down to having an area thickened, which usually will then be perceived as a lump. In most cases though, these are not cancerous but since these are not a common thing in the breast area, having them checked by the right professional is needed. The possible causes of breast cancer can actually range greatly as well and as per experts have to say, there really is not one definitive cause of which. However, throughout their study, it has been found that there are factors that are found to be likely the reason for such development and we will also be talking more about them below.
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One of the things that is highly found to be the cause of breast cancer can be traced down to getting older. Of all the women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, it has been a shock to see that about 80 percent of which are women who are over the 50 year old bracket and specifically found to have encountered such after they have gone menopausal.
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Genetics also play a major role overall and woman who are diagnosed with breast cancer also are found that their elders have been diagnosed with such. But the thing about that regard is that two families who share the same unfortunate health risk will not increase the chances or vulnerability to their offspring. These basically are just among the causes and symptoms of breast cancer and there are still a lot more that could be discussed. In case you get to encounter lumps and unusual pain in the breast area, then better be safe than sorry and seek the right attending medical professional to have such checked thoroughly.